Faces in the Crowd: Erica Lane Harvey

Erica Harvey’s been taking photos nearly her whole life and is one of South Dakota’s most decorated and accomplished young photographers. She is spreading her love for nature through her photos.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Erica’s passion lies in photographing anything in the great outdoors, with preservation and conservation on the forefront of her mind. She gets many opportunities to experience intimate moments with wildlife.

Erica Lane Harvey Camera

Courtesy: Erica Lane Photography

Erica Lane Harvey, Erica Lane Photography, LLC, says, “Photos don’t quite always do it justice, so it’s good to have those personal experiences where it’s real life and you can actually lock eyes with an animal, watch their behavior and see that we are all just here to share the planet together.”

Growing up, her grandparents had a map of the world and pinned each place they had been — that sparked her inspiration for travel. A worldly explorer now, she tries to experience somewhere new each year, capturing those unique moments in time.

Erica Lane Photography Bear

Courtesy: Erica Lane Photography

“The ability to travel so much and see other countries; it’s really broadened my perspective. My goal is to inspire other people to see how amazing the planet is and why it’s important to protect it and I’ll hopefully spread that ripple out. I’m just hoping by showing people how beautiful it is that they’ll be a little more motivated to preserve it.”

Although she loves taking photos, she admits some moments need no clicking at all.

Erica Lane Harvey

Erica Lane Harvey

“How the camera interprets things is different than how the eye experiences things. Our eyes are the best cameras on the planet. We don’t have the technology to replicate how we see quite yet; we’re getting close. For people to completely detach on the camera and to take photos internally because when your experiencing things, you are creating and those emotions are what you remember.”

She is now passing her skills and knowledge on to the next generation of photographers — teaching classes on how to use cameras manually, creating images and artwork, telling a story and making a photo impactful.

Erica Lane Photography Waterfall

Courtesy: Erica Lane Photography

“For me (photography) it’s not a moment, you’re telling a story. Another thing I like to tell my students is that you’re not taking a picture, you’re creating one. So I’m always trying to convey emotion with my images and how I felt at that moment.”

Among her many accolades, Erica was recently awarded 1st place in the landscape/nature category during the Professional Photographers of America’s North Central District Print Competition for the third year in a row. You can see some of her work at the Spearfish Festival in the Park, July 19-21.

Courtesy Erica Lane Photography

Courtesy: Erica Lane Photography

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