Faces in the Crowd: Dr. Roger Belisle

Dr. Belisle is passionate about his work and wants the public to understand the mission of law enforcement officers.

Dr. Roger Belisle, Ph.D is a new face to the community. He recently took the position of clinical psychologist with the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office. It was after the terrorist attacks of 9-11 that he inspired him to go into the psychology aspect of law enforcement.

Dr. Roger Belisle has been working in the profession of psychology for nearly 25 years. He supports local law enforcement and public safety agencies, including the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, Rapid City Police Department, Rapid City Fire Department, Department of Criminal Investigation and 911 Dispatch, in all psychological matters.

Dr. Belisle plays a crucial role in putting the right people on the street to protect and serve. He wants people to understand the toll the day to day job plays on the mental health of law enforcement and that officer stress is a very real and common problem that can lead to much bigger issues.

Belisle says, “Officer wellness is definitely one aspect of what I do. I’m here to help the officers and first responders be as strong as they can possibly be for any situation that comes up, engage in appropriate self-care, learn adaptive coping strategies and learn how to deal with the very stressful events that they oftentimes deal with.”

One of his specialties that he began to develop years ago, was the ability to evaluate a person with a very brief encounter, a strategy that can help officers determine someone’s personality to make quick decisions in high – intensity situations.

Belisle explains, “Making recommendations on how to read people and have the most you may say efficient exchange with individuals when they make a traffic stop. You know how to read those individuals and avoid a possible altercation, kind of help them understand the biases and mindsets and teach them how to learn to read certain science and the indicators about risk personality dispositions to help them be more informed about that aspect of it.”

He’s passionate about his work and wants the public to understand the mission of law enforcement officers, which is to protect the people and the constitution.

“I think we have them to think for a lot of our day to day safety and sanity. And I wish there was a little bit more of that knowledge out there. They do so much good; they really do.”

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