Faces in the Crowd: Dick Termes

He’s been referred to as one of South Dakota’s greatest artists. Dick Termes is celebrating a milestone with his unique creation – the Termesphere.

“The idea of thinking in three-dimensional space more is really good for the human mind,” he says. “You kind of go, ‘Wow, this is affecting people,’ you know? And that’s what you want. That’s what art’s job is.”

Termes is an artist with a mind full of brilliance and a quest to challenge standard ways of painting.

He grew up in Spearfish and taught at Black Hills State University for a handful of years, then started creating art instead of just talking about it.

He went on to paint murals with students, promoting the arts in different communities. He also teaches workshops – educating students on the importance of setting their minds free and continuing to create and wonder.

The Termesphere was born to get a more complex perspective. He created his first sphere in 1969. It was a lightbulb moment for him, mixing together mathematics, art, science, geometry, chemistry, architecture and the six point perspective.

“The ball is unique because it lets me do total worlds all the time,” Termes says. “I imagine I’m in the ball when I’m doing it, and I’m looking north, south, east, west, up and down – painting that whole environment around me and then taking it off and looking at it from the outside.”

He’s had the chance to travel the world and capture his views on the Termespheres with inspiration from New York, France and Japan.

On Saturday, the Termesphere Gallery in Spearfish will be the home of a grand celebration, “50 Years of Termespheres.” The public is invited to enjoy live music, food and drinks, and great art. It is truly a monumental achievement for Termes.

He also plans on putting out a book of mural compilations in the near future.

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