Faces in the Crowd: Cyline Harriot

A nurse from Rapid City Regional Hospital was awarded for her compassionate care with patients.

Cyline Harriot is a registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Regional Hospital. Nominated by a patient for going above and beyond with her compassion, kindness and care, Harriot was honored with the DAISY Award.

"The day when I got it, one of the managers came to my unit, and I was like, oh my god, what did I do wrong?” said Harriot. “It was one of my other colleagues that came up to me and said, ‘Oh girl, you won the DAISY.’ And I screamed because I’m like, oh my god. It was something that I was not expecting." 

DAISY stands for: diseases attacking the immune system. It was established by the DAISY Foundation in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at 33 of an autoimmune disease.

"It was based on a situation where the family really appropriated the care that he had received, and so they wanted to recognize nurses in a very public way,” said Angie Mills, director of the ICU, Respiratory Care, and dialysis services.

The award is presented to nurses across the nation who display a dedication to health and wellness, as well as compassion for patients and their families.

"Intensive care nurses is a very technical skill set,” said Mills. “So we want to make sure we aren’t only taking care of the technical parts of the patients, but that we are really connecting with patients in that deep way to help them really get through really difficult situations."

Caring for the families can be just as important as caring for the patients.

"When someone is sick, you really need your family beside you, because they are the ones who will help you through,” said Harriot. “They know their family at their best right? So for them seeing them in a hospital bed at their worst, it’s kind of a scary feeling for them."

Mills explained that being compassionate is not something learned through training.

"I can train that technical skill in a matter of several months to a year,” said Mills. “But you really can’t train that caring piece.”

Harriot said this award gives her motivation to continue to do her best and reassures her that her work is not in vein.

"You just come to work, do your best, give care, hoping that they would be satisfied,” said Harriot. “That’s how I do it. I just come every day and hope that my best will be good enough and they’ll be satisfied."

Anyone can nominate a nurse at Regional Hospital for the DAISY Award here

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