Faces in the Crowd: Captain Corey Brubakken

April 3rd is Corey Brubakken's last day on the force. After a fulfilling career protecting the public, he is retiring.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — After college graduation, Corey joined the Department of Social Services as a Child Protection Worker. During the 8 years he was there, he established connections with the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office and when he felt ready for a change.

He applied and became a deputy sheriff with PCSO and down the road becoming a patrol sergeant, a position he favored.

Captain Brubakken

Captain Brubakken, Courtesy PCSO

Captain Brubakken

Captain Corey Brubakken, says, “You had the responsibility for people. You were able to develop some leadership skills and yet you were still able to be out there with your people doing the work so yeah that was a good time. It comes with a price – holidays and late nights but it was definitely my favorite position in this office.”

After patrol, he went into investigations, worked child abuse and violence cases-  the work had plenty of hard days, but it was worth the effort.Brubakken says, “There’s definitely cases that I worked that have stuck with me, there’s a handful of them I still remember today and there’s reasons for that. I would take that as a learning experience from this deal, is gauging that mankind is good, we just have to deal with issues.”

PCSO Group Photo

PCSO Group Photo, Courtesy PCSO

PCSO Group Photo

Corey became Captain in 2010 and has been with investigations since. He says his favorite moments involve the relationships and memories he has made over the years, saying “The work is all memorable, the relationships that I’ve built over a period of time, probably mean the most to me.”

His wisdom for those stepping on board to a law enforcement career is to offer respect, no matter what, saying, “When we’re doing our work we always have to be professional no matter how ugly the situation can be, we need to treat people with respect. We need to treat people as if its your loved one sitting across from you and I tell you that if they practice that, I think that they’ll be successful .”

Corey will not have a typical retirement party because of COVID-19, but says he will spend time with his wife at home instead.

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