Faces in the Crowd: Callee Ackland

Rapid City’s only zero waste store, Hippie Haven, recently received two prestigious grants. Behind the small business is a young, female entrepreneur.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Callee Ackland’s success is equally equated to her passion.

Callee Ackland, Bestowed Essentials & Hippie Haven

Callee Ackland, Bestowed Essentials & Hippie Haven

Callee Ackland, Owner of Bestowed Essentials & Hippie Haven, says, “I am a passionate zero waster activist, because I care about the future of the planet, you know, I think we all do. We all want a clean, healthy, safe, home to live and it’s important to not just want that for our selves and our families, but for everyone who is on this planet.”

Callee started Bestowed Essentials just over three years ago while she was on active duty in the US Navy, making soaps in her apartment.

Hippie Haven

Hippie Haven

She began her business venture manufacturing certified vegan & cruelty-free personal care and cleaning products, which are available in over 200 boutique stores across the US & Canada.

She then expanded into the storefront, Hippie Haven – where she also features other people’s eco-friendly products. Her business is growing rapidly, due to the popularity of products.

Callee Ackland, showing products

Callee Ackland, showing products

Ackland says, “People are thinking a lot more about their health these days, not just physical health related to COVID, but you know, what are you consuming, how can I be healthier, how can I build my immune system in the long run term.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it took a toll on her operation. She applied for funds for small business owners, specific to women entrepreneurs.

Bestowed Essentials was chosen as a winner of 2020 Stacey’s Rise Project, which honors female founders with a $10,000 small business grant and business mentorship.


Best-rowed Essentials Products

She’ll be using the funds to increase manufacturing capabilities, expand the variety of products, and extend boutique store outreach across the country.

Another $5,000 was awarded to the business from The Red Backpack Fund from the Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation, in relation to COVID-19 relief, which can be used to offer more sustainable alternatives for consumers.

“I think that we are chosen because of the work that we do and the effort that we put in every single day, we are not running a business that revolves around profit. Profit is important to keep going, but you know we really focus on the triple bottom line – of people, planet and profit,” says Ackland.

Hippie Haven

Hippie Haven

Callee says it’s about being conscious of what you’re consuming and trying to do better, leaving less of a carbon footprint. Small changes make the difference.

Her store also features a shareable library and recycling bins.  You can catch her podcast that focuses on a range of sustainability topics. Click here to listen.

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