Faces in the Crowd: Brianna Heida

Some can testify to the belief that art heals. Local woman Brianna Heida has been given a beautiful gift of creativity – expressing herself through all forms of art, photography and music. She founded a practice to help reconnect with her faith, and she’s teaching others with painted prayers.

Painted Prayers Inc. is a nonprofit organization that started as a personal healing journey for Brianna. Five years ago, she started feeling unwell and took a step back from work to reevaluate her life. She went back to her old loves of journaling and painting and that is where Painted Prayers was born. 

While working on her paintings, her symptoms went into remission. The painting therapy helped her cope with the pain. But she didn’t know how these art forms would profoundly help her in the near future when life’s road became bumpy again.

In May of 2016, health problems came back – more intense this time. After many medical evaluations, she went to Mayo Clinic and was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia, among other issues. She went back to art for therapy.

She knew she had to share her gift and began teaching painted prayers workshops to teach the process of spiritual exploration through art. Her participants were transformed, finding new ways to  cope with grief and trauma or emotional issues and challenges.

She stresses the concept of a judgement free zone. For more information on Painted Prayers Inc. click here.
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