Faces in the Crowd: Bonnie B1’s Supersonic Move

A new children’s book strengthening and supporting military families is clear for takeoff.

Liesl Ross is a proud Air Force spouse, supporting her husband where ever his job may take them. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy, especially when you have children in the mix.

Liesl says, “ We had gone through three deployments with the B1 and it’s not always easy and the kids at a whole ‘nother level of challenge … but the community that we’ve experienced here at Ellsworth is just amazing. It has really become a family to us and that carries you through those hard times.”

She wanted to be able to give back to the military community, that’s when an idea came to her one day while her daughter was napping. She pondered the future as a military family and what would help get her kids through the tough times.

“So I’m sitting there just entertaining myself and just thinking about how life is going to be now with the children and moving and all of that and how it would affect them and how could I maybe help them. So that sparked the idea and just being in the B1 community and knowing that all of them love the airplanes, like how can I tie that in and then they can relate to it better.”

“Bonnie B-One’s Supersonic Move” was born, demonstrating the importance of being kind and brave no matter where life takes you. Bonnie must navigate the emotions that come with moving to a new home and making new friends.

Liesl called upon an airmen and artist at Ellsworth to illustrate the book.

Alexander “Lex” Buchanan, illustrator, says, “It was just like very clear, precise and understanding. I’m very pleased at how the way it turned out.”

The book is also an homage to the Ross’ life in the Black Hills.

Liesl says, “It’s just a treasured memory of our time here at Ellsworth with the B1 and something that I hope can help my children in the future and other as well.”

You can get a copy of “Bonnie B-One’s Supersonic Move” on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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