Faces in the Crowd: Bob Rohrbach

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Robert Rohrbach (or Bob as he prefers) has been working part time for the past 31 years at the Rapid City YMCA and just recently he worked his last shift.

“The YMCA has been a very important part of my life. I got my daughters involved when they were younger and we have just had a really good experience with the Y.” Said Rohrbach.

Born East River in Ipswitch South Dakota, Bob and his family moved to Rapid City when he was in the first grade and he has been here ever since. Bob worked at a cement plant for 39 years while working part time at the YMCA. During his time at cement plant Bob started to experience back problems.

“I ended up going to a pain program at the hospital and they introduced me to swimming and I started swimming and shortly after that my back problems went away and I joined the Y at that time. And I was here at the Y so much swimming that they offered me the job. So I started life guarding, and since I’ve been life guarding I haven’t had a back problem since.”

Rohrbach maintained his health by swimming before heading to work at the plant and then coming back to the Y to work his shift. Now in his retirement Bob still swims three to four times a week but his focus will be directed toward his auto body business.

“Before I retired from the cement plant my wife and I had built a shop and I have been involved in body work. My dad had a body shop my whole life — he had Mel’s Auto Body. Today I brought a ’59 Chevy Impala two door hard top I restored it myself. We built the shop in my backyard, and I do body work on the side.”

When Bob looks back on his time at the Y he feels proud he could be apart of such a great place.

And finally Rohrbach said “It’s a good feeling, I was very proud to tell people that I worked at the YMCA and then when they asked what I did at the YMCA I was also proud to say I was a lifeguard.”

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