Faces in the Crowd: April Roselles

April Roselles has spent 19 years on and off as an employee at the Black Hills Children's Home. Her time spent there as a child helped to prepare her for the work she is doing now, helping families in need.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — As April Roselles walks over the bridge entering the Children’s Home, her heart is filled with gratitude for the time she spent here healing and the life she lives now, helping children in need.

April Roselles

April Roselles

April is a Lead Team Coordinator at the Black Hills Children’s Home.

Roselles says, “I attribute who I am and stuff to being here as a kid and coming back here as an adult. My reason for coming back was to give back what I was given as a kid here; this place was really good to me, they were really good to my siblings, they were really good to my family and I want to come back and give that to others. My heart is definitely here and working with the kids.”

April Roselles

April and her siblings were born to young parents who both suffered from addiction; she spent nine months here as a child before going back home.

Roselles says, “You grow through hard times, you know we don’t grow and change if everything was super easy, so a lot of good can come out of it.”

April Roselles

She has taken her experiences to be a role model for the children coming to the Children’s Home for care.

Roselles adds, “This is like a very big family, you’re teaching the day to day skills and caring for them and loving them and being there for them . They’ve come from some pretty traumatic events, build them up to make the changes that they need to and to grow and I think to show them something good and to show them that they can be okay.”

She finds purpose in helping families through struggles and teaching them skills for how to build relationships and even shares about her background to relate with some of the children.

April Roselles

I can really step outside myself and truly see where they are coming from and how they are feeling and I think that that is powerful really for anyone to be able to do that. I feel like I can really do that because of my experience here. I am thankful even though it was a rough childhood, I’m thankful for it because I guess I wouldn’t be who I am today without it,” says Roselles.

April Roselles

April also mentioned she is married with two children and her parents have come a long way since her childhood. She is friends with them, saying, “They are beautiful people now, they have come a long way you know my mom is my best friend and she helps me take care of my kids and my dad’s come a long way and they both do very, very well now so I am very thankful for that.”

Roselles credits her parenting skills to the time spent with Black Hills Children’s Home.

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