Faces in the Crowd: Angel Adams

Winning local awards for their catering business and their BBQ, not to mention their special green chile sauce, the family behind Angel's Catering has been in the community nearly 24 years. Troubled with recent health issues, the family is still going strong.

Angel and Amanda Adams know the meaning of hard work. The catering business keeps them on their toes, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Angel would spend some of his summers as a child with his grandmother in New Mexico, taking in the culture and the homemade cuisine.

Angel and Amanda Adams

Angel and Amanda Adams

Angel says, “She had a huge knack for cooking, everybody would come see Momma Lucy, she would always have people come over and they could never leave without eating, she just made life fun, and I think all grandmas do that.”

He learned the craft of cooking under a lot of different chefs with a hands on education and opened many restaurants in the Black Hills area.

With the catering business rockin’ and rollin’ and a huge success serving food at Summer Nights, Angel’s health began to decline.

Angels Catering Burrito

Angel’s Catering Burrito

“In August 2018 he got diagnosed with necrotizing pancreatitis, he then got airlifted to Denver he was in a medically induced coma for 10 days. The pancreas starts killing itself, and the pancreas is the number 1 producer for insulin so we caught it in time to where is he luckily still produces insulin and is not a diabetic but at the same time there is so many different complications with it, it’s an ongoing process.”

He looks like a different person, losing 123 pounds through the process and still facing a long road ahead. Angel credits his family for the support, “I’m glad every day that I wake up and I’m standing, and I mean it had a lot to do with them.” Angel thanks the community as well, “It’s nice, because this is what I grew up around with my grandma the small community and if something was wrong, people came out and they helped you.”

Angels Lunch Menu

Angel’s Lunch Menu

Along with the catering, they are serving up their Summer Nights menu for takeout lunch between 11-2 until mid-April to help offset medical bills.

Angel says he will continue to fight his health issues and take joy in serving customers who have become his friends the last 24 years – all with his family by his side.

“It has been a journey for sure. It’s been a pleasure. I got her (Amanda) so, I’m winning no matter what.”

Click here for a link to Angel’s Facebook Page.

Angels Catering Van, Courtesy Facebook

Angels Catering Van, Courtesy Facebook

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