Faces in the Crowd: Amy & Jacob Karras

In April 2019, a Rapid City couple will hike the whole Appalachian Trail, while encouraging others to pursue their dreams.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — It’s on a lot of people’s bucket lists: to travel. But Amy & Jacob Karras will be living their dream of traveling full time with their dog Sammy. This 5-month backpacking trip will go through 14 states and cover over two thousand miles on the Appalachian Trail.

Their wanderlust dreams were put into perspective after they visited with an ill relative. They decided rather than put their dreams on hold until the perfect circumstances, they would begin the steps to make it happen sooner than later. And first things first — they started getting rid of debt.

Jacob Karras says, “And that really was one of the biggest steps, in order to do something like this, is just to get out of debt — otherwise we couldn’t even think about it.”

They paid off over $132 ,000 of debt in just 2 years. They had been dreaming up this adventure even before they tied the knot last June. On the trail, they will be digital nomads- detailing each day with a podcast as well as weekly blogs of their journey and the people they meet. They have their gear and food packed up for the 140 plus day endeavor. Each week they will go into the nearest town (by shuttle or ride sharing) to resupply, get a hot shower, charge their equipment and to post to the blog. They are excited for the unpaved road ahead. 

Amy Karras says, “Well, I wanted to do the Appalachian Trail since high school, so 20 years later we’re now doing it, which is cool.” And Jacob adds, “And really for me I love adventure and experiences and trying new things and really challenging myself.”

After hiking the Appalachian trail, the journey isn’t over, they will be traveling from then on. They plan on buying transportation, getting seasonal jobs at different locations and continuing the adventures. That is how the name of the journey came into play, Unnamed Adventures — inspiring and encouraging others to live out their wildest dreams.

Amy says, “The whole idea with Unnamed Adventures is actually encouraging people to pursue their dreams, debt-free. And then a tagline is “find your unknown,” so that is just encouraging people to find out what is your thing, what makes you excited and happy.”

Jabob adds, “What is your passion? I mean there’s a community out there for everyone. ”

You can follow their journeys here.

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