Faces in the Crowd: Alexia Hodgson

In this week’s Faces in the Crowd we meet a South Dakota School of Mines and Technology student, Cadet Alexia Hodgson,

ROTC Cadet Alexia Hodgson will represent South Dakota and the School of Mines at the U.S. Army All American Bowl. This 19-year-old sophomore was selected as the Cadet Marshal from a pool of 6,000 other cadets nationwide.

Walking through the School of Mines campus, Alexia may seem like a typical ROTC student, but she is so much more than that.

Alexia exemplifies the highest qualities of army ROTC cadets across the country and is ranked first in her class in the School of Mines program.

"Because she is academically sound, she’s physically sound,” said Lt. Elvis Coronado, SDSM&T department chair of the ROTC program. “It makes it so much easier for her to stand out as a leader among her peers.”

As the Cadet Marshal in the U.S. Army American Bowl, she will assist coaches with the combine and the game. She will help organize registration and be involved in the nationally televised football game. The game serves as a final showcase for the nation’s most elite high school football players before they play collegiately and has featured the likes of Tim Tebow and Adrian Peterson in the past.

"It’s an honor to be selected, and it’s an honor to represent my school,” said Alexia. “It’s a way for the army to show it’s appreciating the high school students that will go on and do great things, kind of like cadets in the ROTC programs."

The U.S Army All American Bowl will be played Jan. 6 in San Antonio, Texas.

Maintaining a GPA above 3.5, Alexia competed against other students academically, physically and through extracurricular activities. But this competition isn’t the first time she’s proven herself.

Graduating high school with honors, Alexia received a nomination to the United States Military Academy from Colorado Congressman Ken Buck. But chose to attend the School of Mines, where she received a 3-year ROTC scholarship.

"It speaks volumes of what she is really capable of,” said Coronado. “She has a very promising future ahead of her, and as long as she continues to do what she’s doing, she’s going to be very successful in anything she does."

Alexia’s drive continues along with support from others.

"I get my drive from wanting to praise God,” said Alexia, “wanting to thank my family and all of the people that have supported me. And it’s also an innate feeling that I’ve just always had that I wanted to go deeper and just strive farther in almost everything I do."

That drive has her striving to keep competing against fellow ROTC members and to serve our country as a member of the U.S. Army.

Studying applied biologic science, with a minor in chemistry and military science, she hopes to attend medical school and become a physician’s assistant in the Army.

"She is going to be very successful in the military,” said Coronado. “She has the potential to achieve a very promising career in the military. It’s hard for me to say she’ll be a general officer or even a battalion commander, but with the things that she’s done at this point, she’s going to be very, very successful. And her ability to stand out among her piers helps encourage the other cadets that are in the program to do just as well."

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