Faces in the Crowd: Aaron Pearcy

Rapid City artist Aaron Pearcy began painting and drawing at the age of seven. He was then introduced to spray painting in Art Alley in a high school art class. You could say the art snowballed from there.

You may have seen some of his art on the side of buildings in town. Pearcy has also created art as far away as France and Boston, through his work with a nonprofit he co-founded called About This Life Inc. The organization spreads a message of hope and healing through creativity. 

Pearcy and two other people founded the organization after a trip to Boston Marathon bombing site. The mission was to create an impactful, large-scale mural. It was during this project that they discovered art can facilitate healing, awareness, and togetherness. Since that initial project, they have continued that mission across the globe.

Pearcy takes satisfaction in bringing people together with art with each piece he creates, there is always something to learn.

Currently a full time tattoo artist, Pearcy goes to school on-line, and does freelance art projects.

For more on About This Life click here. For more information on Pearcy’s work click here.

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