Face in the Crowd: Bruce McFarland

A name that has been circulated in the Sturgis community for many years, Bruce McFarland recently celebrated his 72nd birthday and his retirement. February 17th 2021 was also recognized as Bruce McFarland Day in Sturgis.

STURGIS, S.D. — A ranch kid at heart, Bruce and his brother rode their horses to school. His upbringing molded him to appreciate a tight knit community and connecting with others.

Bruce McFarland

Bruce McFarland

Bruce McFarland, Retired Insurance Agent, says, “Well I think that’s a foundation and it’s not only a matter of being able to interact with those people, but to get to know them and then have them pour into my life too.”

The City of Sturgis recently recognized him with a celebration, not only for his birthday, but also for his retirement after 36 years as a local insurance agent and recognizing that February 17 in Sturgis is now Bruce McFarland Day.

Bruce McFarland

Bruce has many ties to the Sturgis community including serving on the Library Board, The Greater Sturgis Area Foundation, The Optimist Club, Open Bible Church and many more.

During his career, he’s established many contacts and says those have been the most gratifying part of it all.

Bruce McFarland

McFarland says, “For the most part all the folks you work with are just amazing folks, really friendly and some in some cases, they really need advice and some direction and in some cases they know exactly what they want, ya know, and so we can set them up however they are inclined to go.”

And while in retirement he plans to more spend time with his daughters and grandchildren, but he will miss the interactions with his clients.

Bruce McFarland

“The relationships with the people and, you know, I’ll be around town and I’ll run into them you know, good folks,” says McFarland.

He will also have more time to spend outdoors, where he enjoys mountain biking, cross country skiing and kayaking.

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