EV charging stations coming to Rushmore Crossing

RAPID CITY, S.D. – With high gas prices, electric car sales are picking up even in less populated areas like South Dakota.

Ev Charging StationsHowever, one challenge for electric car owners is finding convenient charging stations. Electrify America is committed to changing that by expanding their network along I-90 from 800 to 1,800 stations in the next three to four years.

Anthony Lambkin, Senior Director of Operations for Electrify America says, “We are very, very focused on providing our coast to coast network so that EV drivers can really have the freedom to enjoy their new electric car. And so, I-90 is one of those routes that we’re very focused on building out. So this location at the Target in Rapid City is a perfect spot for EV drivers to charge up, enjoy the nearby amenities and certainly have access to a great destination like Mount Rushmore as well. Building additional stations in South Dakota is a priority for us. So, we’ll continue to build out I-90 to make that travel, to give drivers, again, the freedom to travel cross-country and to enjoy the many national parks and sites along that route.”

The company is installing four chargers at the Rushmore Crossing location. The chargers are universal and can charge any electric car either through the port on the vehicle or through an adapter specifically designed for Tesla.

Lambkin continues, “We really do feel that we’re enabling this transition in the way that people fuel their cars. And the great part about some of the new models that are coming to market is that they come in all forms and sizes. We are seeing now with the F-150 Lightning by Ford that you have pickup trucks available.”

Karris McKie-Kaiser, General Operations Manager at McKie Ford, says that they are expecting the first Ford F-150 Lightning demonstration vehicle in the next few weeks. This will allow customers an opportunity to test drive the vehicle and decide if it fits their needs. The base model of the F-150 Lightning starts at around $39,900 with the base trim model starting at a little less than $47,000.

Mckie-Kaiser says, “Ford is working hard to try to make these as affordable as possible.”

If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle or already are the owner of one, charging stations should continue to become more readily available. The charging stations by Target are expected to be open to the public in the next couple of months.

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