Erica Horvatin

Erica has joined us from the Chicago suburb of Wheaton and is loving the beautiful Black Hills already! Erica graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she earned a degree in Communication and Atmospheric Sciences. When Erica was little she was afraid of storms and always thought there was going to be a tornado. This curiosity spurred her lifelong dream of becoming a broadcast meteorologist!


Erica went on a two week storm observation trip where she traveled the Plains, forecasted, and was lucky enough to see a tornado with her own eyes! She worked at WCIA-3 in Champaign, IL as a meteorology intern, and loved it enough to continue as a Meteorologist/Reporter at Newscenter1. 


"Living in the Black Hills is great, because I can do all of the outdoorsy activities I wasn't able to do back home, like hiking, rock climbing, and hanging out on the lakes". Music is one of Erica's passions, whether she is singing back-up vocals with her cover band or attending concerts of all genres. She wishes that DMB would perform in Rapid City (hint hint Dave). 


Contact by email: or follow on twitter: erica_nc1