Equines entertain at 2018 Black Hills Horse Expo

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Anything and everything horses trotted into Rapid City.

The 2018 Black Hills Horse Expo opened for its second and final day at the James Kjerstad Event Center on Sunday.

Attendees enjoyed equine entertainment in and around the expo’s arena. Dozens of vendors offered a little bit of everything, from saddles and horseshoes to veterinary services.

Sunday’s main entertainment came in the form of shows and competition. The Colt Starting Challenge USA pitted horse trainers against untrained horses, requiring riders to break the steeds in within a time limit.

Horse trainer Briana LaFleur said the challenge relies on both luck and skill to win.

“It’s just like children: some horses just kind of take longer to kind of get through than other horses do,” LaFleur said. “You just kind of have to use your best horsemanship and guide them through and avoid explosive behavior to be actually able to get them through the course.”

Spectators also enjoyed “Gladius the Show,” an acrobatics display that mixes sword fights and quasi-Roman chariot races with a dazzling show of finesse.

Multiple horse care seminars and presentations were also held throughout the event.

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