Environmental organization celebrates 40th anniversary

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Black Hills Alliance organization has been serving the Black Hills community for 40 years, informing the public about environmental matters happening in the area.

The organization first began by fighting uranium mining in the Black Hills in the 1970s. The organization has since widened its view, telling the public about subjects such as gold mining and now oil pipelines.

With the advance of the Keystone XL Pipeline, activists are reminding the public that the fight for clean water is not a racial subject. Rapid City attorney Bruce Ellison says “We decry any efforts, we condemn any efforts to make this an Indian issue, or a white community issue. It’s a people issue, it’s a future issue.”

Mining projects have been proposed in recent months, such as F3 Gold’s proposal to do exploratory drilling in the Black Hills. F3 Gold has not yet received a permit from the Forest Service.

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