Endurance Test: More strong storms expected Wednesday afternoon

Dew Points are still too high and plentiful moisture will result in more showers and thunderstorms this afternoon, some of which could be strong


The radar in New Underwood appears to have been struck by lightning in Tuesday night’s severe weather event. this means radar will not be available on any app, radar providing service in the Black Hills. We will do the best we can to provide you with up-to-date information on strong to severe weather across the region this evening

  • Today will be cooler, with temperatures reaching the 70s and 80s in the great plains, and 60s and 70s up in the Hills
  • Thunderstorms will be forming on an earlier timeline than yesterday, around the 1-3 PM hour

  • We don’t expect to see impacts as intense as yesterday’s severe weather event, but staying vigilant is important as we do expect moderate impacts
  • Some of these isolated storms could have hail much larger than quarter sized, and prove very intense. Don’t let your guard down today!
  • If you’re in the yellow, you’re fair game for severe weather this afternoon, green to a lesser extent but still possible.

  • Wyoming can expect to be the first areas to have thunderstorm activity, particularly East of Gillette as soon as noon today
  • Storms could fire off in the Black Hills as soon as 1 pm, along with the Eastern Foothills
  • These storms will come up quickly, and without warning. plenty of moisture in the atmosphere

  • Decent organization of these thunderstorms looks possible by 5 pm this evening. 4-7 PM is when forecast guidance shows places like Rapid City see its best chance for thunderstorm activity.
  • These storms will eventually push off into the great plains, covering areas stretching from Pine Ridge all the way to Lemmon
  • Once we get to midnight, most storm activity has pushed Eastward into Central South Dakota

Trust me, storm fatigue is real. Dealing with multiple days of strong to severe weather can desensitize you to warnings, or preparing for potential impacts. This is EXACTLY the kind of day where a strong thunderstorm catches people off guard and can be dangerous. Treat each warning seriously, and monitor the forecast until the threat has moved on. Once again, have a way to receive warnings today and make sure not to lull yourself into a false sense of security, we want everyone to stay weather aware today! Be safe out there – Brant

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