Ellsworth welcomes new Command Chief

ELLSWORTH, AFB, S.D. — There’s a new face at Ellsworth, a Command Chief in charge of advising on the health, welfare, and morale of the roughly 2,500 airmen on base.  

For about 28 years, Chief Master Sgt. Rochelle Hemingway has dedicated her life to serving in the United States Air Force. As a Command Chief, she often takes the role of a mentor and leader.

“I will be involved with the health and welfare, with the training and development of all airmen,” said Chief MSgt. Hemingway.

She started her career in the Air Force as a medical service technician. Throughout her years in that role, she was deployed on several humanitarian missions.

She was deployed to Jamaica, Curacao, Vietnam, and Africa. In each country, she assisted with different tasks- but they all prepared her for her current position.

“You have to be able to lead and to do things without people giving you much guidance and direction and knowing that your training and all the experiences that you had throughout your career will help you in your quest to do well in the positions that you’re given,” said Hemingway.

She has the opportunity to assist in the growth, development and overall well-being of the base and community that surrounds it.

She says, “I am so excited about being here. I know that this community offers so many things and our airmen and their family members are very grateful for the opportunities that our community has for them to be able to provide the combat air power that we need to protect our nation.”

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