Ellsworth officials say they are honored to be the first to host the B-21 Raider

ELLSWORTH A.F.B., SD, — Ellsworth officials say they’re honored to have the privilege of hosting the B-21 Raider. Not only will the plane bring more Airmen to the base, but it will also allow them to be more accessible to missions around the world.

Picture of a B-21 Raider

Artist rendering of the B-21 Bomber Courtesy of the U.S. Air Force

Along with the new training facility, Ellsworth will become a more versatile base and an even more reliable source for the Air Force.

“The B-21 is going to give us a 5th generation long-range strike capability. It’s going to be able to overcome a lot of the challenge that we face with our adversaries in terms of defeating their enemy air defenses, the fighters, and the surface to air missiles and it will provide the United States with an unmatched capability in future warfighting,” said Colonel John Edwards of the 28th Bomb Wing.

Although the plane looks like a B-2 it has a lot more to offer; including an advanced air defense system that will improve combat capabilities.

“We’d just like to thank the Secretary of the Air Force and the Air Force for selecting Ellsworth as the number one and first preferred location for the B-21 bed down. It’s a significant honor for the 4,000 Airmen that call Ellsworth home and their families,” said Colonel Edwards.

As of now an exact date arrival date for the aircraft has not been disclosed.

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