Ellsworth Development Authority reaches out to community for support of service members over the holidays

The SD Ellsworth Development Authority is reaching out to the community for support of the airmen and families on base during the holidays.

With the ongoing pandemic, airmen are restricted from normal activities in the area, which may also mean not spending time with loved ones over the holiday season.

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Ellsworth Air Force Base

The Ellsworth Development Authority is collecting cookies to be delivered to the over 700 airmen in the dorms. Cookies must be store bought this year and can be dropped off at Black Hills Community Bank or Evergreen Media by December 13.

Cookies for Airmen

Cookies for Airmen

Cookies for Airmen

Those donating are also encouraged to write notes of thanks to the airmen.

Lynn Kendall, SD Ellsworth Development Authority, Military Community Relations Director, says, “If you are at the store and you are shopping, just grab an extra box of cookies and drop them off at those locations and again, it’s another way that our community can say thank you for your service, we appreciate you especially during the holidays.”

Cookies for Airmen

They also invite businesses and organizations to craft a cheerful holiday display to be installed on base through the New Year.

The reverse parade hopes to create a new holiday tradition for the service members.

Kendall says, “Like many things this year, it’s different and it’s limited, but regardless of COVID, what we want to do as a community is make sure that our service members and their families feel welcome and appreciated during their time in the Black Hills.”

Cookies for Airmen

Those interested in crafting a holiday display can click here or email ellsworthconnections@gmail.com.

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