Ellsworth Development Authority discusses safety on base

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Ellsworth Development Authority discussed safe housing and preparations for the B-21 bomber this afternoon.

The authority has focused on strategic land use in order to ensure houses and other facilities are not in dangerous areas on base. These danger areas are referred to as incompatible land. 

“There are certain things that shouldn’t be at the end of the runway and mainly that’s housing and we’ve been working since the authority was created to eliminate what they call those incompatible land uses, and mainly get people out of areas that are deemed to be unsafe,” said Scott Landguth, the executive director.

As of right now, Ellsworth is 99% compatible meaning that a majority of housing is in a safe location. With the B-21 more service members will come in. As the authority works on housing expansion, they will closely monitor the areas that go under construction. 

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