Ellsworth AFB thrift shop boosts airmen, community

Scholarships, discount programs help the shop give back

At Ellsworth Air Force Base, the thrift shop is not only offering affordable clothes and home goods for airmen and their families, but the shop also helps give back to the community.

The B-One Thrift Store, owned by the Team Ellsworth Spouses’ Club at Ellsworth, takes in donated goods and turns it around for profit that goes back to the community.

“Sometimes in the lower income ranks and or, we all go through hard times and deployments, and so sometimes when you have multiple children or you want to come and get some cheap clothes or something to kind of help the budget a little bit, [the thrift shop] helps our families a little bit more,” said President of the Team Ellsworth Spouse’s Club, Chelsey Mastalski.

The shop offers programs like ‘Ella’s Closet’, the Ellsworth spin-off of ‘Cinderella’s Closet’, that allows anyone to come in and rent casual to formal dresses, accessories, or shoes at no cost to them, and the E-4 program that gives $15 a month in thrift shop credit to airmen ranked E-4 and below.

“It’s just nice to have,” said AMN John Ennis. “I hear that not every base actually has something like this and for them to be here for the airmen like this and not only the airmen but everyone on base and the families as well, it means a lot more than people think it does.”

“The awesome thing with the thrift store is because it’s owned and operated by TESC, the proceeds from the thrift store goes back to the TESC for the scholarship programs,” said Mastalski. “The revenue is just given back to our community through scholarship contributions through the TESC.”

For more information on the B-One Thrift Shop or the Team Ellsworth Spouses’ Club, visit here.

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