Ellsworth AFB may receive $1.8 million in enhancements

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem touched on a number of topics in her budget address on Wednesday. One of her main priorities is kick-starting the economy. 

Ellsworth AFB is a key contributor to the local economy in Rapid City. Noem proposed $1.8 million to enhance the base. The company responsible for developing the base is the Ellsworth Development Authority.

For a number of years, the organization has focused on runway safety. Being an Air Force base, Ellsworth constantly has planes coming in and going out.

Ellsworth Development Authority has spent a number of years maintaining runway safety. They clear out land to assure that if there is a plane accident, no one on the ground is hurt. In order to expand its property, the company buys from land and homeowners surrounding the base.

Homeowners need to be willing to sell and relocate homes and property for everything to work.

In order to prepare for the possible $1.8 million grant, Ellsworth Development Authority has already reached out to possible sellers. They also have a list of people who have confirmed that they are willing to sell.

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