Ellsworth AFB hosts 8th graders for career day

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Students from Georgia Morse Middle School visited college campuses and local businesses to learn about different tracks they can take after high school.

The 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth Air Force base hosted the 8th graders at the South Dakota Air and Space Museum and gave them a glimpse of what the military does.

Airmen spoke about military careers and why those jobs are essential to fulfilling the military mission. Members from a variety of flights and squadrons spoke one-on-one with students and students even had the opportunity to try on military grade gear.

“In joining the military you are joining something that is bigger than yourself. There’s a huge moral influence in the military to do something for your community, to do something for your country, and to serve in the air force,” said Major Daniel Mount. 

Many of the airmen present have been serving for years and have taken on multiple roles in the military. Major Jeremy Curbey started in maintenance and worked his way up to becoming a pilot.

“It has exposed me to many things around the world. I have been stationed all over the world – had exposure to lots of different kind of cultures, lots of different career fields. Initially, I was an aircraft maintainer, so I got my hands dirty my knuckles scraped up — then transitioned to become a pilot once I finished a college degree,” said Curbey. 

The military offers versatility and career immediately after high school if the applicant is 18 or older. They can go in without a college degree and get one while serving

 “We love this atmosphere because not only is it producing wonderful and respectful young men and women but the career possibilities are endless,” said Kyley Cumbow, the school’s principal. 

The teachers at Morse Middle School hope that their students will find their passion early and get on track to make it a career.

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