Elevate Rapid City asks, “What does Rapid City need?”

Survey looks at retail, restaurants, and amenities

RAPID CITY, S.D. — What’s missing in Rapid City? Elevate Rapid City wants to know what you think.

The business development organization is asking residents across the region what sorts of businesses and amenities they would like to see come to the area.

The online survey asks specifically about restaurants, retail outlets, and amenities.

Elevate Director of Economic Development Matt Brunner says the results will put the region in a stronger position when recruiting companies — and especially their workers.

“A lot of the trends that we’re seeing with the workforce, and just in general, are some of the amenity gaps that we’re trying to address in this survey, by asking in the local community some of the needs that we have, as well as the individuals that are moving here.”

And, he says. the survey will help local businesses by helping them identify needs of the existing community that might be new marketing opportunities.

“There’s a lot of things that we already kind of know that people want,” said Brunner. “So now we can go to these retailers and say, ‘Look, not only is there a need, but we surveyed, and we’ve got thousands of results. And it shows overwhelming response that your company came up, or that we want this to fill this niche.’”

To take the Elevate survey, click here.