Elevate Rapid City and Western Dakota Tech partner up for another cracker barrel session

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Elevate Rapid City sponsored yet another cracker barrel in Western Dakota Tech on Saturday, where residents could engage in an open dialogue with legislators. Topics discussed included the legalization of marijuana, the minimum wage across the state, COVID and even the possibility of changing the definition of vehicular manslaughter.

Representative Mike Derby has been an integral part in organizing marijuana caucuses, trying to help South Dakotans get a better understanding of what implementing marijuana laws in the state really means. He says being slightly over half way through the session, legislators have a full plate.

“It’s coming up to what’s call ‘crossover day,’ and that’s where bills from the House have to be heard and sent over to the Senate and vice versa from the Senate to the House. We’ve got 400-million dollars to figure out how to spend. We’ve got marijuana on the issue, a big issue, and then we have COVID,” said Rep. Derby.

Derby is also working on a bill he believes will have a major impact on the tourism industry, a trail to Mount Rushmore. He says there is much support for the bill.

“It’s House Bill 1253. It has to do with adding a trail from Hill City to Mount Rushmore, [a] 15 mile trail. It’ll be a real game changer for the state of South Dakota and a legacy project, and it could eventually be one of the busiest trails.”

The next cracker barrel at Western Dakota Tech will take place on Saturday, February 27.

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