Elevate launches new business initiative, EPIC

Rapid City, S.D. — Elevate Rapid City has launched a new market research initiative for businesses, and it is EPIC—Elevate Prosperity Insight Center.

The program will give startups and existing businesses information about markets, trends, competitors and the trade area. EPIC falls in line with Elevate’s mission, which is to elevate the region for all.

“We’ve been actually helping businesses for about the last 6 months,” said Tom Johnson, CEO and President of Elevate Rapid City. “So we’ve had healthcare businesses, retail businesses. We had an entrepreneur the other day who was looking at opening up a retail business, take advantage of some of our research to figure out where he/she could open up their retail business. What would be the best location in rapid city. So we’ve already been using it.”

EPIC will also help in recruiting and hiring for specialized industries, and it’s services are available to both investors and outside businesses, at a cost.

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