Ekso Skeleton helps injured veteran walk again

Four organizations teamed up to host a benefit ride that helps those undergoing rehabilitation for mobility issues.

Peace*Love*Happiness, Infinite Hero, Meeting the Need, and Combat Wounded Coalition hosted the ride on Tuesday, which helps fund grants for the Ekso Skeleton – an experimental suit to assist with walking. The company that makes the suit, Ekso Bionics in California, hopes for it to be used in the future for spinal injuries, strokes and other mobility issues.

Demonstrating the suit was the first ever military recipient, Gary Linfoot. Linfoot is a former U.S. Army Flight Lead. He completed 19 tours in Iraq with the 106th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR). In October of 2013, the Infinite Hero Foundation gave a grant of $100,000 to allow Gary to become the first veteran to take an Ekso Skeleton home.

Gary explains what being able to walk again means to him."When you're able to stand up again in the
Ekso Skeleton, it’s just, the feeling is natural. It feels like you are where you are supposed to be again and doing what you are supposed to be. You know, the way it was always meant for us to be upright and standing."

Bikers from all over the country and even Germany came to show their support and participate in the ride, raised about $8,000.