“Eight is Great!” Woman adopts eighth child

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Friday, a single mom once in ‘seventh heaven’ is now great, with eight! A Rapid City woman has officially welcomed an eighth child into her family after fostering for nearly two years.

Christi Deming, a single mom of now eight, has finalized the adoption of her 2 year-old son Kaiser. To celebrate, friends, family and other people in the neighborhood drove by the house with signs, banners and gifts.  

Christi is the biological mother of four of her children, the other four were adopted as Christi has been a foster mom for many years.

“Being a foster parent, you’re hoping for the best and you hope these kids can go back to their birth families,” says Christi. “But when that can’t happen there’s people like me that want to adopt and keep them in our family.”

In the past, guests would gather in the courtroom to hear the judge’s decision as the adoption became final. But with social distancing in practice this time around, friend, Lacey, thought it would still be fun to celebrate while respecting distancing. 

“She takes in anybody and everybody. She would give the shirt off her back for anybody,” said Lacey Brubacker. 

Friday night dozens of cars drove by with a variety of gifts, balloons and signs congratulating the family on the milestone. Brubacker said they wanted to have memories for Kaiser, marking the special day.

Raising eight children, four who started out as perfect strangers, may seem like a challenge. But Deming wouldn’t have it any other way.

How does she do it?

“By the grace of God, you just do it and I’ve always wanted to be a mom and so this is my lifelong dream,” Deming said.

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