Educator implements “Fridgeworthy” idea to help students at Juvenile Services Center

RAPID CITY, S.D. — An educator at Pennington County’s Juvenile Services Center came up with an idea in order to push her students and give them credit.

Whenever her students achieve goals or milestones, their names are placed on the center’s refrigerator. Just like you may do in your family, with parents posting their kids accomplishments on the fridge.

Being that these students are in a juvenile corrections center, many times, people look at their mistakes rather than their accomplishments.

Jennifer McClain, an educator at JSC, came up with the idea. She says it’s important for the center to let students know that their hard work pays off, and they can bounce back from whatever led them to the center.

According to McClain, “We were looking for ways to honor students’ hard work. So students can earn their way up on the fridge if they complete a credit, if they perform really well on a module, if they earn enough credits to jump grades.

The JSC says it’s seen an improvement in overall performance since implementing “Fridgeworthy.”


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