Earth Day Expo features Tesla, wine bottle wind chimes and more

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A belated Earth Day celebration was held at the Fairgrounds on Saturday.

There were tables with information on sustainability, crafts made of recycled materials, live music and more. Just about anything can be re-purposed. Soda bottle bird feeders, wine bottle wind chimes, and liquor bottle lamps were all featured at the expo. There was also jewelry and key chains made from the natural stones found right here in the Black Hills. 

If you’re not a crafty person, but want to keep the earth healthy, you can always just recycle whatever you can.

“Like I said everybody just needs to do what they can do no matter how small it is. Take your stuff to the recycle bin,” said Cheryl Rowe who helped organize the event.

People on average produce about 5 pounds of waste daily. The Earth Day Expo was put on to teach and encourage people to take care of the planet.

Perhaps the most popular display was the electric vehicles – also known as EVs. One of the most elite brands of EVs, Tesla was on display. People were welcome to look and learn about the benefits of gas-free cars.

“It’s huge for decreasing the pollution in the air and then you’re not using fossil fuels which are way more polluting than anything you would ever put into an electric car,” said Sherry Thurston who also put the expo together.

There are tons of resources in the Black Hills area which have information on environmental sustainability.

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