Early morning gunfire in Rapid City results in four arrests, no charges yet

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A rude awakening before sunrise Thursday in a Rapid City neighborhood – gunshots fired and bullet holes found in homes and vehicles. This happened around 5 a.m. on North Maple Avenue. Unfortunately, shots fired and violence in this neighborhood have become all too common.

“It’s early in the morning, a lot of people haven’t left for work yet, a lot of people are still sleeping,” said RCPD public information officer, Brendyn Medina. “And the fact that you have gunfire waking up this entire neighborhood is highly concerning for the Rapid City Police Department, and us as a community.”

Residents of the ABC Apartments on North Maple woke to the sound of gunshots. The RCPD responded immediately, and spend much of the morning searching the area for culprits and evidence, but residents say crime in the neighborhood has become a regular occurrence.

“The police have been here doing a lot of presence because it’s a constant thing,” said resident Jacob Felder. “And the ones that do live here and don’t cause trouble, we’re pretty tired of it, and we’re hoping things get settled faster. But, we know they’re working, the police department’s working as hard as they can.”

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“It’s unfortunate when someone is callous and irresponsible, and comes in there and lives in an apartment, and allows it to become the dump of the neighborhood,” said RCPD criminal investigation division captain James Johns. “And then brings in all this bad behavior that someone else is gonna be paying for.”

It is particularly alarming for families in the area, many of whom have young children. One resident had bullet holes through their car, not far from their child’s car seat.

“It really struck me that as I was standing in front of this apartment, I looked up on the second floor of the apartment right next to where the shooting took place,” said Captain Johns. “There was a little two- or three-year-old little kid looking out his window waving at me. And if one of these shots had been four or five feet to the right, this would have been an absolute tragedy.”

Four individuals, a mix of juveniles and adults, have been taken into custody and have not yet been charged with the shootings. They are being held for warrants and outstanding offenses.

If you have any information or tips regarding the shooting text RCPD to 847411. It goes to a third party service where it scrubs any identifying information, allowing individuals to remain anonymous.

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