Early Learners Rapid City provides resource guides for families

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Early Learner Rapid City is an initiative that functions to ensure children have access to quality early learning experiences, and over the last year, the organization has teamed up with United Way of the Black Hills to create a resource for families.

Recognizing the importance of early learning not just for young children, but also the community, and following the National League of Cities Early Learning Action Guide, Early Learners has begun a four step process. The first phase has been the gathering of resources for the community. Compiling the information was a year long process, and is a more convenient and expedient way for educators and parents find information vital for early learning.

“I sometimes almost felt like you had to know someone to know someone to find out the information you want,” said Black Hills Reads Director Kayla Klein. “So now, with this tool, I can easily click the control find or look at the category I‘m looking for and give it to the parents. I can either print it out for the parents, or I can go right to the website and find and get contact information, and jot it down for a parent.”

Early Learner and Black Hills Reads compiled the list from the top six inquiries received from parents: basic needs, expectant and new parent assistance, family fun and learning, finding and paying for childcare, parenting skills and support, and special needs and special education. The list has been categorized alphabetically, and provides organizations, descriptions, and associated links.

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