Rep. Dusty Johnson tours Dakota Arms

STURGIS, S.D. – Representative Dusty Johnson continued his visit to the black hills by taking a tour of Dakota Arms in Sturgis on Tuesday morning.

The congressman says it’s important for facilities like Dakota Arms to be efficient so that they can continue to be a player on the marketplace and continue creating jobs here in South Dakota. When it comes to manufacturing, Rep. Johnson says businesses like this need skilled people who know what they’re doing and are able to be successful in living by the rules of the road.

“In America, we still want this to be a country where we make things. We understand that those are real jobs that can add real value to a global marketplace. And that’s what’s going on here. These are highly, skilled, highly trained people that are adding value in a way that frankly most of us cannot on any given day,” said Rep. Johnson. He added, “South Dakota has done a very good job over the course of the last two decades in sending the message to people across the country that if you make ammunition, if you make firearms, we want you here. Culturally, we understand the importance of your line of work. And the fact that there are people in the marketplace who want that ammunition, who want those firearms. And those are legal items and they a have a real opportunity to buy the best of the best when they come to South Dakota.”

Rep. Johnson added that South Dakota has an environment where businesses like Dakota Arms can succeed. When asked what his favorite part about the tour was, the congressman said it was talking to each technician and seeing the look of pride on each of their faces as they talked about the work they do.

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