Dusty Johnson speaks at the Pennington County Republican Women’s meeting

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Congressman Dusty Johnson in Rapid City as the guest speaker at the Pennington County Republican Women’s monthly meeting.

These meetings are open to anyone interested in political conversation. Each month the group invites a speaker, and are glad to have close access to elected officials.

“In other states, it is a rare opportunity if ever you get to meet a U.S. Congressman, and in South Dakota, Dusty Johnson and our other congressional representatives make it a point to come and meet with the boots on the ground,” said president Sarah Frankenstein. “The folks who are a part of the local party, who make things happen in South Dakota.”

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“I don’t think you can be a very good representative of the people if you don’t ever talk to the people,” said Johnson.

The congressman updated the audience on the latest happenings on Capitol Hill, especially with agriculture. Much of the day’s discussion centered around fostering bipartisanship and finding common ground to move forward.

“I also think there’s growing frustration across South Dakota,” said Johnson. “The fact that the president preached ‘unity, unity, unity,’ but, he has not actually had any actions that have been outreach to Republicans, outreach to bipartisanship. If we’re gonna improve this country, we have got to see a better job of outreach from President Biden”

Johnson serves on the agriculture and transportation committees. He was recently appointed as the top republican on the Livestock and Agriculture subcommittee, and has introduced legislation that would improve the market place for local producers and processors. Johnson will talk more on that along with energy, COVID-19 and the federal stimulus during a one-hour interview. You can catch it every night next week at 9 p.m. on MyTV, channel 21.2.

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