Duhamel gives update on COVID-19 experience, condition

RAPID CITY, S.D. — South Dakota Senator Helene Duhamel, who was hospitalized on Wednesday night with complications from COVID-19, has released a statement regarding her experience and current condition:

“I was in Pierre Monday night and Tuesday for the Governor’s budget address. Most of the day I wore a mask, and especially in the large Senate caucus gathering and during the budget address. We all took off masks for the picture of the female legislators with the Governor. I certainly hope I did not unknowingly infect anyone.

I drove home to Rapid City and went into work for a couple of hours in the evening. I started to feel tired and get a headache so I left and went home. Shortly after dinner I laid down. That night I had a temperature of 101 and struggled to sleep because of nausea. I suspected this sudden onset of illness could be COVID and tested positive Wednesday morning. I immediately notified the Governor’s office and Senate leadership to make sure everyone received word of my diagnosis.

It was a rough day with a searing headache and nausea. I was dehydrated and my oxygen levels were reading in the low 90s. My Primary doctor was concerned given my previous cancer in the lung (primary pulmonary Hodgkin in 1992), surgery (removal of part of right lung) and mediastinal radiation. I spent Wednesday night at Monument Health. With some anti- nausea medicine and hydration, I feel much better now. Very tolerable.

I am preparing to go home after receiving an investigational treatment for COVID— an infusion of two drugs: casirivimab and imdevimab. I must thank all the outstanding health providers in the Monument system. They are professional, efficient and caring! I was impressed by every member of the staff at every level.”

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