Duhamel Exhibit opens at The Journey Museum

RAPID CITY, S.D. — This afternoon dozens of people gathered at The Journey Museum for the unveiling of a new exhibit and a picnic.

The new Duhamel Exhibit gives the history of one family, the Duhamels, who contributed to the cultural and economic development of Rapid City.

Pierre Duhamel moved to what is now South Dakota, from Quebec in the 1850s. He only spoke French, but quickly picked up Lakota. As the family grew and evolved, so did businesses and partnerships.

The Duhamels were involved in banking, saddle manufacturing, sales, and telecommunications. Through times of hardship and success, the family managed to create a legacy in Western South Dakota.

“I think it’s interesting how people were entrepreneurial and kept moving to survive changing circumstances. I think also the relationship with the Native American people. They learned how to Lakota before they could speak English,” said Helene Duhamel, who is the 5th generation in the family.

The exhibit will be permanently on display at the Journey Museum.

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