Duck, duck…Dinosaur!

Natovenator Polydontus 2

Photo Credit : CNN

A newly-discovered dinosaur species may have been a diving predator, much like a penguin or a duck.

A team of scientists around the world published a new study, saying that the species, ‘Natovenator polydontus’ had a hollow body with three toes and claws on each limb. It also streamlined ribs, like the those of diving birds. Researchers say the species likely used their forearms to propel them through water.

Dinosaurs were previously thought of as strictly terrestrial, but increasingly, evidence has emerged suggesting at least some species spent as much time in the water as they did on land.

Scientists hope the study can help open the door for more expansive ideas about dinosaur behavior.

Natovenator Polydontus

Photo Credit : CNN

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