Dry with a Chance of Clouds: A break from storms this week

Things are looking up if you're in the mood for dry, uneventful days and even warmer temperatures later this week.

  • As a cold front pushes past our region, we’ll see temperatures continue to drop, even going into the lunch hour possibly.
  • By 3 This afternoon, we should see temperatures begin to recover a bit, but struggling to reach the 50° mark in most cases.

  •  Winds will be breezy this morning from the North and the Northwest, gusting around 35 mph
  • Most of these winds should die down by later this afternoon and evening, but it does warrant a light jacket to start your day

  • As we push into Wednesday temperatures will recover a bit, pushing back into the 60s and feeling very Fall-like with partly cloudy skies
  • The dry air will start to make itself known, however, as relative humidity levels drop and a dry southwesterly wind begins to develop.
  • We will need to start thinking about fire danger going into Wednesday and Thursday

  • Temperatures on thursday could sit around 10° above normal, hanging around the 70s and even some upper 70s in local spots
  • This will be on top of gusty Southwesterly winds and dry conditions – enjoy the war dry weather but also be conscious of the vulnerable environment around you – particularly in Wyoming

  • There’s a chance areas of Northeastern Wyoming and Northwestern South Dakota could see some precipitation later on Thursday, but we’ll leave it out of the forecast for now
  • Friday and Saturday will see a cooling trend, with increasing clouds and eventually chances for showers by Saturday night.

We are watching a system for Sunday into Monday, signs don’t point to anything significant at this time – mostly rain showers and maybe some mixing on Monday morning. We’ll keep you all updated if anything changes with that. Enjoy our dry week! – Brant

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