Drones added to local law enforcement’s tools

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A new joint effort announced between Pennington County Search and Rescue, the Sheriff’s Office and the Rapid City police.

One drone flier from each department will help in trying to locate missing people, as well as investigate fires and traffic accidents.

Drones are used by law enforcement to get an aerial view of the scene or location that they are investigating.

Once it is up in the air the drone will show a clear view of the scene and also allow for law enforcement officers to record or take pictures of anything they see.

Lt. Dustin Morrison, Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, said “We use the drones for a lot of things but this also helps us in any crime scene we have provide us with an aerial birds eye view of the overall scene to see anything we have missed from the ground and give us that different perspective to take a closer look at.”

The drones are not used for every crash it is only used for the more sever accidents but is utilized as much as needed. The drones are looking for skid marks, debris, and any other form of evidence to map out how a crash exactly happens.

Spenser Braun, Drone Pilot, said “We have accident investigators that come to the scene they map out the entire crash and using measurements and formulas and then we take pictures overhead pictures from about 400 feet up that maps the entire intersection or area where this crash occurred and then they are able to go back and use that math to put into skid marks and what not.”

Drone footage is very helpful for law enforcement to solve cases by giving them a different vantage point then the one they would have on the ground.

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