Dream Design International lands 20-year lease to build new V.A. outpatient clinic

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City real estate developer Dream Design International is on a roll and picking up steam.

It’s just landed a 20-year lease from the U.S. General Services Administration to build a new outpatient clinic for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The facility will be located at 6565 Mount Rushmore Road – right near the Catron Boulevard intersection. It’s slated to come in at 49,000 square feet with a variety of health care and therapy services. This new clinic will address specific needs and requirements for the more than 7,000 veterans living in the area.

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“We have a lot of veterans living in our communities, especially with Ellsworth Air Force Base. People who serve there they like to come back and retire here. They have sacrificed a lot for our country and they deserve a great facility,” said Dream Design International President Hani Shafai.

The clinic is expected to be operational and accepting patients in early 2023.

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