Dream Design International is working to transform areas around Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City saw a record amount of building permit activity in October. 702 permits issued with a total valuation of $42 million. Dream Design International has a lot of those permits with 8 major projects undergoing construction right now.

Dream Design International

Dream Design International is transforming Rapid City with its residential and commercial subdivisions as well as remodeling projects.

The company follows four steps to get businesses ready for a new space. By selling land that is ready to build on, remodeling structures to fit businesses need, leasing a suite at a newly built structure, and build to suit and then leasing.

Vice President of Dream Design International, Kyle Treloar said “We have remodeling projects going on where we are taking some existing building like the K-mart and repurposing them for other businesses. All of this is leading to an expansion that is helping to diversify our economy and help to strengthen this whole community overall.”

The 8 major projects that Dream Design is currently overseeing are at Scotland Hills, Kansas City Street, Buffalo Crossing, Shepard Hills, Orchard Meadows, Johnson Ranch, North Valley Park, and Dakota Market Square.

All of those projects across Rapid City will provide the community with affordable living as well as bringing in more jobs by giving new space for future businesses.

“We are honored and proud to be part of the redevelopment within Rapid City.” Said Hani Shafai, President of Dream Design International. “The tax  revenue that is being generated, the jobs that have been created, and also the impact in the community to provide services to that part of town that did no exist before.”

Dream Design International is working to build a sustainable community within Rapid City by providing essential services in places where there are currently none.

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