Dream Design International has big plans for new developments

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Dream Design International Inc. has a mission — building strong communities that provides all its own needs and services.

The multi-discipline company has multiple projects currently in the works in Rapid City.

Kyle Treloar, V.P. for Dream Design International Inc. said “When we begin a project the first thing that we do, you know, we don’t walk into a project thinking what’s the maximum development potential of this property? What we do is evaluate the community’s needs.”

Kmart and Northgate Plaza Shopping Center is under construction and soon will be known as Dakota Market Square with a variety of restaurants and shops.

“We’re just starting the renovation phase. We’ve got roughly seventy-five percent of the space leased out at this point and we’re beginning to do the actual remodel work. So, we’ve done most of the demolition on the inside of the building. We’ve started the work on the outside of the building. So you’ll start to see some real significant changes from this point moving on.” said Kyle.

Shepherd Hills will be a larger project, consisting of 700 acres of medical buildings, schools, apartments, retail and more.

“Whether it’s with Shephard Hills realizing that we have an area where we need some residents, need some mix use, we need to develop out those items. And we still need to maintain the feel of Rapid City.” said Kyle.

Dream Design International Inc. has also requested rezoning three different areas of Rapid City. For Shepherd Hills, North Valley Drive and Homestead Street.

“As we’ve talked about one of the things we’ve identified that we need is housing. Especially the affordable workforce housing. So, that’s one area that we’re planning on and are working on right now. So we want to create the additional living units and have those spaces for these people to live in and want to keep them affordable.”

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