DPS Secretary Price urges committee to consider facts in Ravnsborg impeachment investigation

PIERRE, S.D. — South Dakota Department of Public Safety Secretary Craig Price is encouraging a House of Representatives committee to consider the evidence and conduct of South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg while it continues to consider whether to impeach Ravnsborg for a September 12, 2020 fatal crash where he struck and killed Joseph Boever.


Photo Courtesy of Office of the Attorney General Website.

On Wednesday, Secretary Price urged the House to consider the conclusions by the crash reconstruction experts. They include Mr. Boever being killed because the attorney general had been distracted, Mr. Boever was walking east on the north shoulder near the grass and that all four wheels of the attorney general’s vehicle had crossed the rumble strips onto the road’s shoulder.

Secretary Price also urged the House to consider the attorney general’s conduct, including how Ravnsborg verbally indicated that he had seen Mr. Boever at the time of the impact and again in the aftermath of the crash, the untruthful statements by Ravnsborg to North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation Special Agents, Ravnsborg’s behavior and questions regarding what investigators may find on his cell phone and Ravnsborg and his advisors’ social media activity and text messages, before and after the crash, that may reflect viewpoints and character not in keeping with the high standards expected of the attorney general.

“The investigation conducted by the South Dakota Highway Patrol and the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation was objective, thorough and fair,” wrote Secretary Price. “Their conclusions are not in dispute.”

Committee members are scheduled to meet again Thursday at the state Capitol.

You can read Secretary Price’s letter to House Speaker Spencer Gosch here.

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