Downtown Lion’s Club to support student scholarships with golf tournament

Local schools are facing tough times, but the Rapid City (Downtown) Lion's Club is hoping they can lend a hand.

The organization is hosting its first invitational golf tournament at Hart Ranch next Friday in order to help contribute to area schools.

Each team participating in the tournament is made up of four players. At least one of those golfers must be affiliated with a Black Hills service club.

The money raised will support several new student scholarships for Central, Stevens, and Rapid City High Schools. Ron Bunnell, President of Downtown Lions Club, says, "It's important for the reason of supporting things that we already support. We already give $1,000 to young leaders – we'd like to have it be $3,000. It's a really good program. The Early Start program is the same thing. We give $1,000. We want to build on that"

Schools aren't the only winners. The team that wins the tournament will see prize money go towards their service club.