Downtown lighting project nears completion

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A 2019 Vision Fund project designed to brighten the downtown area is nearing completion and under budget.

Destination Rapid City had requested nearly $4 million for a downtown lighting project, which would be used to update the previous system installed in 1991.

The first phase was for updated lighting for 20 city blocks, and that was completed in May of last year.

The new lights are fitted with high efficiency LED fixtures with a total of 60 mid-block light poles replaced with decorative poles.

Phase Two started this summer by replacing aged wiring vaults.

Now, with Phase Two nearing completion, the work is coming in under budget by about $19,000.

“When we estimated the cost of the project we anticipated a considerable amount of concrete removal to be able to get utility boxes and conduits in. Didn’t need to remove as much so that’s why the project went a lot better and saw a reduce in the over all cost,” said Rapid City Public Works Director Dale Tech.

Tech adds that any money leftover at completion of the project will be returned to the city’s Vision Fund.

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