DOT looks to public for help with Highway 16 construction plans

RAPID CITY, SD — The Department of Transportation is in the beginning phases of their construction plan that goes down Mount Rushmore Road all the way down to Keystone

As of now the DOT is asking the public for suggestions before any construction happens.

At the August Mount Rushmore Road Society meeting, the DOT gave a presentation detailing the future of the road.

Traffic is expected to increase exponentially within the next decade and there are concerns about how safe the road will be with the increased traffic.

As of now the DOT is suggesting a continuous flow intersection, but with public suggestion that can change.

Many locals are concerned that the construction will take away from the beauty of the road, and have a negative impact on tourist season

“As a resident who has lived here since 1960, when I was a child, a lot of the re-development we do is aesthetically inappropriate for our mission as a tourist destination.” said Rapid City Council member Bill Evans, “I think the aesthetics tends to be the last thing they’re thinking of, when in this particular locale it should be the first thing they’re thinking of.”

No matter what, changes must be made in order to keep up with city codes and maintain safe roadways.

As of now the DOT is hosting two more public meetings where they will take suggestions.

A final plan will be submitted to Rapid City December of 2020.

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